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TIPS: How To Write Essay On Abortion Topic

The problem of abortion is ongoing and pervasive. If you have chosen this topic for your writing assignment, you need to stick to the precise structure. It will make your essay more coherent and cohesive. There are some tips on how to write such an article. You need to follow the instructions, and writing an essay about abortion will be a piece of cake for you.

Writing strategy and planning are the foremost elements of the preparation steps. Identify your target audience. Understanding exactly the expectations of your readers will help you make the paper more interesting. Do some research to plunge into the topic and understand all the ins and outs of the theme. Having the background knowledge, you can start preparing an outline. It will be the skeleton of your paper.

Follow the instructions which are mentioned below. This will help you in preparing an essay as well as improving your writing skills in due course. Bear in mind that the outline for various topics differs from each other. That is why we recommend revising the basic info about each subject. You can find all the tips right here.


How to Start Your Essay about Abortion

The beginning of your paper should catch reader’s attention. There are lots of techniques which you can use for the hook sentence. Pay attention to it because the first impression determines half of the success. You may begin with some statistics about medical cases. Another variant is to find an interesting quote or even retell the anecdote. Your aim at the beginning is to attract reader’s attention.


How to Write the Main Body

Once you have hooked your readers, try to keep their attention throughout the core part of your work – main body. Here you need to show what you want to prove and add examples. If you talk about pros and cons of abortion, devote each paragraph to a new argument. Try to narrow down your idea to the slightest details. While your topic sentence is a more general one, the others should explain your arguments meticulously.

You can use the PEEL strategy. It means presenting the argument, explaining, evaluating, and linking the idea with the next one. Use your sources to prove your opinion. However, don’t finish the paragraph with a quote. Explain it in your words. The reader should understand clearly your main message about abortion. Do you support this idea or not? And how can you prove that? If each of your section of the essay answers these questions, then you’ve written everything correctly.


How To Finish an Abotion Essay

The conclusion should restate your opinion. After reading your paper, the target audience ought to have a precise understanding of your fundamental message. Don’t add new ideas here, don’t change your opinion. Just paraphrase your thesis statement, so that everyone perceives your message without ambiguity.


Abortion Essay Outline Sample

Here you can find a sample outline of the essay about the pros and cons of abortion. Unless you write a clear plan with ideas, your paper can become illogical. Sometimes you’ll have to spend more time on the outline than writing the article itself. However, if your plan is thought-over, the quality of the essay content will be very high.


1. Introduction

  1. Hook sentence. The statistics show that 125,000 abortions happen every day.
  2. Thesis statement. Abortion can be justified only when there is a risk for the mother, but in all the other cases it is a huge crime of the humanity against unborn kids.

Do – Start with a hook sentence that will be interesting for the reader. Make your tentative objective very clear in the last sentence of the introduction.
Do Not – Begin with rhetorical questions or definitions from the dictionaries.


2. Main Body

  1. Pros of the abortion:
    Topic sentence. There are many medical cases of fetal abnormalities when pregnancy deteriorates the health condition either of the mother or the embryo.
    Developing the argument: Ectopic pregnancy is one of such cases when the deliberate termination of pregnancy should be prescribed because the mother’s life is at risk.
  2. Cons of the abortion:
    Topic sentence. Abortion is a serious problem from the aspect of morality.
    Developing the argument. Even at the early stage of abortion, the embryo is considered to be a human. The heart of the unborn kid starts beating in one or two weeks after conception.
  3. Cons of the abortion:
    Topic sentence. The termination of pregnancy triggers illnesses for the mother.
    Developing the argument: Women who made abortion experience difficult psychological problems.

Do – Separate each idea by starting a new paragraph. Give examples, add quotations, and the experts’ opinions. Narrow down your argument to the specific instances.
Do Not – Use too many direct quotations. Don’t be too general in making statements.



  1. Restating the thesis. The deliberate termination of the woman’s pregnancy should be prescribed by professional doctors only in cases of serious illnesses; all the other instances can never be justified because abortion is the same as killing, and it may lead to infertility or other ailments.
  2. Insightful concluding sentence. The problem of abortion should be discussed more and more because humans don’t have the right to decide whether a fragile unborn baby may have life or die without even seeing the world.

Do – Be persuasive and convincing.
Do Not – Copy the thesis. Use synonyms to show how rich your vocabulary is.


List of sources used

The statistics for the introduction: https://www.worldometers.info/abortions/



A Few Words about Writing Abortion Research Paper

A research paper is much different from an essay. You have to bear in mind several significant aspects about how to write an outline for the research paper. The following recommendations will help you with that.


Difference Between Essay and Research Paper

It is significant to understand how to write an essay and research paper. The type of writing determines the structure and the number of sources. An essay is shorter than a research paper. It should have the length of up to 600 words. An essay is more subjective because here you prove the truth of your arguments. In the research paper, you don’t have to support your viewpoint. You need to focus on the various scientifically credible sources; you should compare and contrast. In the research paper, the writer has to analyze the topic of abortion painstakingly.


 10 Points for Writing Research Paper

  1. Select Subject. You need to choose the theme which is interesting for you and topical for the target audience.
  2. Narrow the Topic. Don’t write about the problem of the termination of pregnancy in general. Try to select its specific aspect and analyze it in the paper.
  3. State the Thesis. Your tentative objective should depict the key idea of your research paper. It can be a long sentence, but try to make it as specific as possible.
  4. Take Notes and Write Down Sources. While doing research jet down everything that can be useful for the paper. That is how you won’t have to waste time trying to find the facts which you read several days ago.
  5. Prepare a Working Outline. Use the aforementioned sample outline about the pros and cons of abortion. Your outline is the skeleton of the work.

    Title. How do you choose which article to read and which to avoid in the newspaper or online? It is definitely the heading. The same is about your title. It should be even provocative to attract attention.
    Abstract. Briefly summarize what your paper is about. Add the abstract if the necessary format requires it.
    Introduction. Present the theme of abortion as a topical one in our modern-day world. Include some basic background and finish the introduction with the tentative objective.
    Methodology. Include the information about which methodology you have used for preparing your work: analyses, synthesis, experiments, observations, and others.
    Results. Summarize the results of your research.
    Discussion. It is the core of your paper. Here you need to include different opinions about the problem, statistics, graphics, compare the info, mention some classifications, etc.
    Conclusion. Sum up the discussion in several paragraphs.
    References. The works cited pages should enumerate the credible sources which you have used while preparing a research page. Pay attention to the formatting style of your list with references.

  6. Write a Rough Draft. It is the next step after you’ve prepared an outline. You can even ask your scientific supervisor to check your draft. If there are any mistakes, you should correct them.
  7. Edit Your Paper. Make any relevant changes about the content.
  8. Revise the grammar and stylistics. It is a meticulous task, but your paper should be without mistakes.
  9. Write the Final Draft. Reread the format criteria, make sure you have made everything correctly. Proofread, brush up your paper, and submit to get an A+ for your tedious and studious work.
  10. Ask for teacher’s feedback. By understanding your strong and weak sides, you will easily manage the next research paper.

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